Here are links to some of the blogs that inspire me every day!

Tina posts all about food, Cross Fit, and her adorable pug, Murphy.  

Chelsey shares tasty vegan and gluten-free recipes, along with the ups and downs of life with newborn baby twins.  

Fitness instructor Gina blogs about working out, eating, and being a mom. 

Jen has fantastic ideas for creating a bright, beautiful, and organized home.

Kath shares her life as a registered dietitian, bakery owner, and mom. 

Julie, a personal trainer, puts together awesome workouts while adding in fun tidbits about her family and crazy dog, Sadie.

Sharie and John are a DIY power couple with amazing taste and great know-how on all things home!

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  1. My stuffed peppers are done and the cheese still looks like I just sprinkled it on there not even melting


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