Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Highlights: 9/28

Here are some fun pics from the weekend!

I spend a good part of Saturday attending a foreign language teacher conference for work.  I came home with some new ideas that I am definitely going to try in my classroom.

Late that day...Oliver worked on his party tricks...
While Wendy worked hard helping us clean and do laundry (yeah, right...).
I also had a chance to cheer on Jay's volleyball team as they dominated their competition from Ft. Worth, and afterwards we celebrated with dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant.

Sunday morning we got our grocery shopping in for the week. 
And in the afternoon, I got the house all ready for Fall!  After a rainy Saturday morning, we ended up with quite a beautiful weekend!
Jay also used his empty beer keg to make me some homemade lemon-lime sparkling water.  Now I have five gallons on tap!
Sunday night I made a yummy dinner of baked mahi mahi, sauteed kale, and pearled couscous.  
Just one more full work week until Fall Break!  Woo hoo!

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