Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Things I'm Loving Lately - Christmas Present Edition

I received so many awesome presents for Christmas this year from friends and family!  Here are just a few of my faves:

1. Cuisinart Coffee Maker Plus Hot Water System
This coffee maker is just like our old one, but it has an additional instant hot water feature.  Jay and I drink a lot of tea, so we are really loving this product!  The hot water is ready in seconds to use for tea, hot cocoa, oatmeal, or whatever your heart desires.  This model is just a few dollars more than the regular Cuisinart Brew Central, and in my opinion it is worth every penny!

2. Freaker Koozies
Jay and I found these koozies in our stockings, and, as a koozie expert, I can honestly say that these are these are the best of the best.  I love the fun colors and patterns, but the greatest thing is that they will fit over any bottle, can, or jar known to man.  Anything from a regular beer bottle to a bottle of wine to a 2 liter of soda!  It is truly amazing!

3. TOMS Nepal Boots
I think I have worn these boots every single day since my mom gave them to me on Christmas Day.  The super soft fleece lining is so warm and comfortable - I feel like I am wearing slippers all day long.  And I love that TOMS donates a pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase.

4. Bath and Body Works Snow Day Candle
Bath and Body Works makes the BEST candles!  Somehow the fragrances radiate throughout the house without being overbearing or air-freshener-y.  Since snow days are my most favorite things ever, this candle is perfect for me!  I can't wait to enjoy it on chilly days off from work yet to come.  Thanks, Zenie!

5. Oklahoma Bamboo Cutting Board
My cousin and his wife gave us this beautiful bamboo cutting board in the shape of our home state.  I love that it can be used as a cutting board, serving tray, or just a piece of art.  We currently have it hanging up in our dining room, and it looks great on the wall!  If I ever want to use it for serving, I can just pull it down.  And it can be ordered on Amazon in the shape of any state.  What a great gift!

6. Self-Watering Wine Bottle Flower Pot
My cousin Elise wins the award for most creative gift.  She made these self-watering flower pots out of old wine bottles!  It looks so pretty on our bar, and hopefully it will be really hard to kill the adorable flower she planted.  The above link takes you to a tutorial on Pinterest if you want to attempt the project yourself.

Best wishes for a happy New Year!  See you in 2014!!

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