Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thred Up {A Review}

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I cleaned out my closet and sent a huge bag of clothes in to ThredUP.

ThredUP offers an easy way to make a little extra money on clothes you no longer wear.  Once you sign up, the company sends you a big polka dot "clean out bag" in the mail.  You then stuff that bag as full as you want with gently used, name brand clothing and accessories.  The return shipping is already prepaid, so you can just drop it off at the post office or any UPS location when you're ready.
After the employees at ThredUP review your items, they e-mail you with a list of what was accepted and how much you earned.  You can use your money to shop on the website or cash out via Paypal.

For an extra fee, ThredUP will return any items back to you that were not accepted.  Otherwise, they are automatically donated to charity.

I chose the latter option and just made sure to fill the bag only with things I didn't mind parting with forever.

In the end, of the 25(ish) items I stuffed in the bag, ThredUP probably accepted a little less than half.  My paycheck came to a total of...drumroll...$50.46.  I was pretty happy with that, considering most of these items would have ended up at Goodwill had I not sent them in.  Here is a list of what they accepted:
It's a little weird to see my own clothes up for sale to the public.  I wore this dress to a wedding four years ago, and now some stranger will be wearing it out on the town.
Some things ThredUP did NOT accept:
  • A couple of Jay's Ralph Lauren Polo shirts - they were in good shape, so I'm not sure why.
  • A pair of Hudson jeans - maybe just too old?
  • A nice bridesmaid dress - the website warns that they do not accept bridesmaid dresses.  Since this one could have totally worked for another occasion, I thought I'd give it a shot.  Oh well. 
  • Numerous other name-brand tops and bottoms - probably just too worn-out. 
I can't exactly remember everything I sent in originally.  It would have been nice if they e-mailed back a complete list of what was sent in, with explanations as to why certain items were rejected.  I was really surprised that they accepted Old Navy and Forever XXI dresses but not some of my nicer, more expensive items.  I'm sure they had their reasons!  

Overall, I was really happy with the service.  Putting the bag in the mail was just as easy as taking a trip to Goodwill, and now I have an extra 50 bucks in my pocket.

After looking around the site, it's tempting to use my credit towards a little shopping of my own.  There are so many high-end items for a fraction of what they would cost in stores.  If you decide to check out the website, you can use this link and we will both get a $10 credit.  I'm sure we could all use some new things for fall!

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