Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 Minute Cardio Blast Workout

I hope 2015 has been treating you well.  As much as I love time off, I'm sort of enjoying being back in a routine.  I have a brand new group of seventh graders that (so far) are a joy to teach everyday...let's just hope the honeymoon period doesn't end anytime soon.

With routine also comes more consistent workouts.  I exercised some over break, but it was much harder to fit it in when my schedule was all out-of-whack.  Why is it that having more free time can make it harder to get things done?  Now my workout group is back to meeting regularly, and it's nice to have something automatically scheduled 2-3 times per week after school.

Generally, our group completes a tabata style workout, mixing short intervals of strength and cardio.  Twice since we've been back from break, however, our trainer has planned a killer all-cardio combo for us.  The set is only 10 minutes, but it is non-stop and brutal.  We go through it three times, and let me tell you that final round is rough!

Here we are pre-sweat.  I don't think we would still be smiling in the "after" picture.

Below is a version similar to what we did in class.  It's a quick way to get your heart pumping without any equipment.  Don't be fooled by the easy marching in place for the first minute...I guarantee you will be super sweaty after just one round.

And here are video links to some of the exercises you may be unfamiliar with:

Long jump, shuffle back
Reverse lunge with skip
Skater jumps

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  1. You have made a group of seventh graders that a person will help you to get some exclusive exercises. I will must watch your video and i think you are really doing well. Thanks!!

  2. Great article, and thanks for the the opportunity to contribute!

    i just cardio with treadmill in 10 minute :)

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