Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekend Update {Volleyball, Grilling, and Organizing}

Hi, how's the week going?  I had a great weekend, followed by a very loong Monday.  It was open house night, which meant I pretty much stayed at work until it was time to go to bed.  And talking the entire day was not too helpful for my voice, which still hasn't entirely returned.

The weekend was great, however.  Jay's school hosted the first boy's volleyball tournament of the season, and his team won the whole thing!  They played great and it was a lot of fun to watch.
After the games on Saturday, I went over to my friend Bri's house for dinner along with some other teacher friends.  She and her boyfriend put together the best healthy summer dinner of grilled kabobs, salad, and watermelon.  I packed my skewer with veggies and it was awesome dipped in hummus.  Kabobs are easy but feel so festive - I definitely need to remember to make them more often.
On the side, Bri made a salad minus the lettuce.  I loved how she just tossed a bunch of fresh veggies with dressing and basil from her garden.  The lettuce was entirely unnecessary.
Since Jay and I always have a surplus of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and fresh herbs from our garden, this is something I plan to make a lot for the remainder of the summer.  So simple and fresh!

For dessert, there were blueberry muffins packed with HUGE blueberries and homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Yum!
With how hot it's been here, we've been trying to grill as much as possible rather than turning on the oven.  Meals like this are a great way to avoid heating up the house.  I think veggie kabobs along with my favorite Field Roast vegetarian sausages would make for an excellent combo.  

Sunday was pretty low key.  I helped tutor a friend's daughter with her Spanish and completely cleaned out my closet.  I'm trying an online consignment shop for the first time called ThredUp.  Once you sign up, you can order a big bag that the company will send you for free (at least the first time).  You then stuff it full of all the name brand clothing items you can possibly fit.  The postage on the bag is already pre-paid, so you can just drop it off at the post office or a Fed Ex location to send it back.  ThredUp will either pay you for the clothes and resell them or donate them to charity.  I must have stuffed at least 30 things into that bag - I could barely lift it into my car. 
I'm excited to see what they offer.  I'll let you know how it goes!  

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