Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY Natural Daily Shower Cleaner

I try to do little things throughout the week to keep the house clean so that I don't have tons of cleaning to do on the weekend, but keeping up with it all can be easier said than done.  

Our house has an all-glass shower in the master bathroom, which I love the look of but do not love to care for.  If you don't clean it on a very regular basis, the glass gets all spotty and cloudy and pink stuff starts growing in the corners (soap scum maybe?).  
We recently let the shower go a little (or a lot) too long without giving it a good cleaning, and, as a result, Jay was in there the better part of an hour scrubbing and scrubbing until it looked new again.  What a guy for taking on that job.  

We have found that the best way to keep the shower looking sparkly for longer is to spray everything down with a daily shower cleaner after using it, and then quickly squeegee the glass.  It only takes an extra minute or so, and it really makes a big difference.  The main problem with that system, however, is that once you spray everything down, you have to stand in a small enclosed space and breath in chemicals while you squeegee.  That's obviously not ideal.  

To solve that problem, I decided to mix up my own daily shower cleaner so that I could spray away without worry.  I figured a vinegar mixture would work well since vinegar is a disinfectant and makes a good natural glass cleaner.  I also saw online that some people added tea tree oil to the mix, which is a natural anti fungal and also covers up some of the vinegar scent.  

I ended up using the following:

4 cups water
2/3 cup vinegar
10 drops (approximately) tea tree oil

Just combine the ingredients in a spray bottle, shake it up, and store in the shower to spray down after each use.

So far it seems to be working great.  I'm sure we will still have to give the shower a good scrub-down occasionally, but for now everything looks clean and shiny!

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  1. So perfect! I’ve been making the switch to clean living products, and this is just what I needed! I think about adding some lavender essential oil I bet it will smell wonderful!


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