Monday, February 24, 2014

2/21-2/23: Weekend Highlights

Some scenes from the weekend:

Kale salad for my mom's birthday dinner.  (Awesome recipe courtesy of Oh She Glows.)
Ethiopian dinner (again).  This stuff is the best!
Game night with friends. "Settlers of Catan" is so dorky but so fun!
Moroccan for lunch.  I don't know what it is about me and African food lately. 
Freshly squeezed apple/carrot/beet juice.
Since we are so in love with Ethiopian food, last night Jay and I attempted to make our own Injera bread from scratch.  
The attempt was mildly successful.  We had a hard time keeping the bread from sticking to the pan, and most of it broke apart or had to be scraped off the bottom.  We would have received an F for presentation, but a B+ for taste. 

Here is the only piece that even remotely came out the way it was supposed to.  
Served with Ethiopian red lentils and yams, plus some couscous.  
Our technique needs work, but it was still a tasty dinner!

And I can't recap my weekend without a few puppy pics!
Those faces!

Have a great week!

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