Monday, February 17, 2014

Workouts & Wine

This weekend was a good one!  Sadly, I wasn't off today for President's Day, but I made the most of the two days I had.  They were filled with some challenging workouts, beautiful weather, and a Valentine's winery visit.  

It was a little too windy for my liking on Saturday, so I opted to go to the gym rather than run outside.  I jogged for a while on the treadmill, and then did a round of this speedy workout I created.  It was short but tough!  
You could easily make a full-length workout out of this by repeating the circuit a couple times through.  However, after having already jogged on the treadmill, once was more than enough for me!

Saturday afternoon, my mom and I took Wendy and Oliver to some local trails for a nice long walk.  To cool off afterwards, we hit up Starbucks.  Frappuccinos for the humans, puppucinos for the dogs. 
Don't you think Wendy should be a Starbucks model?!

If you aren't familiar with puppucinos, they are just little cups full of whipped cream that you can order for your canine friends.  They are free, and our dogs adore them!

Jay came home from Houston late Saturday night, so Sunday was our Valentine's Day.  The weather was even more beautiful, so we started off the day with a 3 mile run at our local lake.  My new running shoes felt great!
We spent the afternoon sitting outside at our favorite winery and hanging out with the dogs in our backyard.  
The night ended with a home-cooked mushroom stroganoff.  
This recipe was good, but I will tweak a few things if I make it again. 

All-in-all, it was a great weekend!  Hope yours was, too!

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