Saturday, February 15, 2014

Recent Happenings + Things I'm Loving Lately V

Hello! Long time no see! I realized I haven't blogged all week, but only because I just didn't do or eat anything too terribly exciting over the past few days.  It was a full week of work, plus a couple of boot camp classes and a night of Bachelor watching with my friend, Zenie, as usual.  The rest of the time I was probably parked in front of the TV watching the Olympics.  I love them so much that I get a little stressed when I miss a night - it's hard to catch up once you get behind!  Being an avid Olympics watcher takes real commitment!

Jay is currently out of town for work, so I was solo for Valentine's Day.  I still had a great day - I let my students make Spanish Valentine's in class, and they turned out so cute!  I received lots of fun treats and gifts all day at work (being a teacher on a holiday is the best!), and then spent the evening with my family enjoying a beautiful steak dinner cooked by my aunt and uncle.
And then I got to come home to this:
Cutest valentine ever!  (No offense, Jay.)

Aside from my TV shows, here are some things I am loving this week!

1. Dark Chocolate
There is nothing I love more than a little piece of dark chocolate after dinner to top off the evening.  After all, it's healthy, right?!  The other night, I noticed that my supply was running low, so I wasted no time getting online to order some more.  Luckily, Amazon was having a huge chocolate sale for Valentine's Day, so I got this 4-pack of Ghiradelli chocolates for only about a third of what they cost now.  Score!

Then, this morning, I was opening up some Amazon boxes that had been delivered the night before, and I found another 50 PACK of dark chocolates that Jay has sent me for Valentine's Day.  Needless to say, I don't think I need to worry about running out of chocolates again any time soon!

2. Saucony Kinvara 4 Running Shoes
I am an overpronator, so for years I bought big clunky athletic shoes with tons of arch support to try and correct the problem.  Yet, despite having so much cushion and support, I still had pain in the insides of my feet after running or standing for a long period of time.  Jay (who runs exclusively in barefoot or very minimalist shoes) kept telling me that the only way to strengthen your arches and feet is to stop buying the ultra stabilizing shoes and start using your own muscles to stabilize yourself.  A couple years ago, I bought some Vibram barefoot shoes to use for walking in the warmer months, and I also switched to a lightweight, more minimalist running shoe.  The Saucony Kinvara is flexible with a low heel drop, which encourages a forefoot strike (the way humans are meant to run).  I'm no expert on any of this so I won't try to go into detail, but I do know that my feet have felt great and pain-free with the Kinvara 3, and so far I am loving the Kinvara 4 just as much!

3. Weather Puppy App
As if I didn't obsessively check the weather enough before, now, every time I do, I am greeted with the most adorable puppy pictures. There are multiple doggies/breeds to choose from, and they change based on the weather and time of day.
I can hardly handle the cuteness! 

4. YouTube Workout Videos
Up until the last couple of days, the weather in OKC has been incredibly crappy.  Since it's been almost impossible to run or exercise outside, I have been relying more on videos for my workouts.  My favorites right now are the Winter Shape Up series from the Fitnessista on YouTube.  I love that they are full-length, easy to follow, and tough!  Despite only being about 20 minutes long, they will really make you sweat!  It's a great option for days when you can't get outside or go to the gym.

5. These Animal Articles
20 Essential Facts Dog Lovers Must Always Remember - Don't read at work like I did.  And have tissues ready.
31 Animals Who Wear Their Hearts On Their Noses - In honor of Valentine's Day!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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