Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Decor

Valentine's Day is on my short list of favorite holidays.  It gives Jay and me a good excuse (although we really shouldn't need one) to plan a special date night that we might not otherwise carve out time for.  We usually opt for something low-key, like cooking a fancy dinner together at home, but it always ends up being really nice.  Not to mention the fact that I never get tired of receiving flowers or chocolates (who does?!), and pink is my favorite color!

Last year at this time, we had just moved into our new house and were up to our ears in boxes.  Decorating for Valentine's Day was the last thing on my mind.  This year, I had a little more time to put up some festive decorations.  It may not be a major holiday, but I enjoy having some little reminders around the house of what's to come. 

I almost forgot about this door hanging that I made the year before last, and I was thrilled when I pulled it out of holiday storage.  
This project was super easy to put together.  I bought some wooden Xs and Os at Michael's and covered them with fun pink and red patterned scrapbook paper. I embellished the letters with some felt stickers that I also found in the scrapbook section.  Then, using a hot glue gun, I attached the letters to a white ribbon and tied a bow at the top.  I hung mine on my front door, but it would look cute anywhere in the house. 
I also took the time to update my chalkboard and frame a Valentine's print that I found at  They have a bunch of cute ones to choose from!
Now our house is feeling the love!  XOXO

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